USB Device Repairs

Voltage Computer Support can repair absolutely any  USB device including USB Flash drives, Mouses, Keyboards, Web Cams and more.

Most repairs on USB Devices might be as simple as replacing the USB Cable that is connected to the device or the Male connector that you use to plugin to your computer. but somtimes it can be abit more tricky than that. When we get to your place (onsite) we will  diagnose the issue then and there and come back to you with a quote to repair the device which will have to take place at our  at our lab, and will usually return the devices within 2 days.



For USB Flash Drives if the USB Connector has broken we can replace the connector but it wont be as strong as it was originally so we will offer to obtain the data on it and place it on another usb stick so you can retrieve your files. we can usually fix your usb device onsite depending on the damage of the USB

Some USB’s cannot be replace or repaird as this is usually limited to finding a replacement part for your usb device or if it has been damaged beyond repair  if we believe we cannot fix the issue we will contact you and any cost will be waived.



So if your Webcam, Gaming Mouse, Gaming Keyboard, USB Flash Drive is broken then we can definately help you. If you have any questions about your USB Devices please feel free to contact us.

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