Smart Phone Repairs

Voltage Computer Support Can also repair your Tablets,  IPads, IPhones & Samsung Devices at your place or ours. We try to keep some replacement parts in stock and are usually able to repair your Smart Phone or device on site or at our lab.


  • Smashed Phone Screen

    Broken Screen Repairs

    Smart Phone screens and other devices can be broken or smashed very easily.

    If you have broken or smashed your Screen we can help you get back on your feet in no time. Most screen replacements are done at your place or our lab and only take us around 30-60 minutes to repair.

    so give us a call and if we have the stock available we can repair it at your place or ours and there is no need to go out and waste time whilst you wait for your screen to be repaired when we can do it at the comfort of your own home.


  • Charging Port Problems

    Charging issues

    A Charging Port is one of the main parts that is exposed on a lot of smartphone’s.

    After connecting and disconnecting your usb cable enough times it can start to cause unreversable damage to your charging port. So if you have to stretch your cord or have your phone in a certain position just to let it charge??

    well then you need to have your port replaced before it is completely unusable. so give us a call and we we can repair your charge port on site. it could be a 30 minute fix and save you days of frustration.


  • Faulty Speaker

    Faulty Speaker

    Do you have a a weird sound coming through your speaker when your on the phone?

    maybe sounding muffled or distorted? this is all indications that your speaker needs to be replaced. Most speaker issues are the blame to moisture including humidity or condensation making its way into the internals of your phone or tablet.

    We can repair or replace your speaker and make it sound like new.

  • Faulty Antenna

    Connectivity Issues

    Is your Wifi signal or your Antenna continually dropping out well maybe your antenna is faulty and needs replacing.

    Some causes for this to happpen can be software installed on your device or other hardware related issues but usually 9 times out of 10 we have found that this issue is just a faulty antenna and should be replaced ASAP.

    Replacing your antenna usually takes less than an hour.


More Information

This is just a few general repairs we can help you with.. if we went into full detail we could make a serveral pages so to keep it simple we can actually build you a phone completely out of replacement parts so if you have absolutely anything wrong with your device please call us today so we can help or visit our contacts page

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