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We provide high quality & affordable Services for home users & businesses. We also focus on preventative prodcedures so that your computer will not result in a loss of data or a computer/hardware failure.

We’ve all been there before staring at our computer and wondering what is going on. At Voltage Computer Support we have seen it all including The blue screen of death. The error message that won’t go away. My laptop is getting hot. My machine randomly shuts down, and I have not touched the power button or my movie won't play in media player

There are way more things i could mention that are more frustrating than this. But we are just giving you a small idea of what some problems we have seen and have fixed in the past

services overview

Advance Data Recovery Solutions

This kind work requires us to dismantle the hard drive to try to fix the internal faults, Which requires the use of special equipment within a dust proof/free environment.We work closely with the best data recovery companies within Australia to offer our customers the best chance of recovering data when standard recovery options do not work.

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Repairing and Replacing Hardware

Whilst most hardware components will need to be replaced we observe the affected part first and if possible we can repair it onsite or at the office. This kind of repairs would include replacing a USB port or HDMI Port and replacing capacitors that have blown or have been unsoldered due to excessive heat and more.

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Printer Ink Refills and Cartridges

Printer ink is one of the most expensive things that you'll run into when you set up your home office. When you start taking alot of pictures with your camera or phone upload them to your computer and start printing a few you then suddenly notice the print cartridge is out of ink. At Voltage Computer Support we can refill your cartridges and help save the hassell of running out of ink. We can even help setup your own continuous ink setup so that your printer runs from bottles or a particular setup for your printer model.

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Mobile Phone Repairs

From iPhone to Samsung we have all you need to fix your phone and get you up and running quickly, we can replace a broken screen, replace a battery or even change out your motherboard. No matter what your phone needs are we can definitely help.

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