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At Voltage Computer Support We Provide Fast And Reliable Repairs at your place or at ours…

Your Computer is used just as much as anything else in your day to day life, and you rely on it to get your work or assessments done in time, And when your computer is running slow or is not running as it should it can get very frustrating, so naturally we want to fix any problems before they get worse and this is where our professional computer repair services come in handy.

Another similarity with your most used day to day possesions is you will get more use out of everything like your car and your PC with regular maintenance.


  • Get A Computer Tune-UP

    Keeping your computer tuned-up on a regular basis will ensure that your computer will run smooth and fast for longer with less repairs required in the long run whilst saving you money, Whilst we are performing your tune-up we also check for any parts that may need replacing soon so that you dont get a shock when it is time to repair or replace a certain part on your PC.


  • Professional Virus Removal

    Majority of viruses can be completely harmless but some viruses can be very harmful and can lead to a full system crash, file corruption and  loss of  data. when we perform our Tune-UP on your PC we always check and remove all virus’s from you computer to ensure you that your system is clean and safe. Having an Anti-Virus can help you prevent these but some can still affect you PC.


Here is a list of what tune-up will do for your PC:

  • Make  Your Computer start-up and shut-down more Quickly and Efficiantly so you wont have to wait to get started or shut down.
  • Clean inside your Computer and remove any accumulated dust in your PC which can be a major cause of problems.
  • Install the latest software updates. This way  everything on your Computer/Operating System (OS) is completely up-to-date and secure .
  • Remove any  programs & Applications you dont use anymore. This will make your computer run faster immediately.
  • Checkup on your Anti-Virus software to make sure your current version is up to dated  and if it is not, we will install a new and well known Anti-Virus on on your system.


What Happens when somthing does go wrong…

When they do, think of Voltage Computer Support. We can fix anything!! and offer same day service whenever possible. we can provide an expert diagnosis and tell you exactly what needs to be done & and how much it will cost.

Ocassionally Most Businesses will charge you a diagnostic fee on top of your call out fee with VCS Your diagnostic fee is free as long as it is within the 1st hour free period this hour will give us enough time to take the computer apart in order to perform troubleshooting tasks and determine the exact cause of the issue and provide you with a separate repair quote.

Please note, Work will not begin until you approve the quote or estimate. VCS Stays up-to-date with the latest technology, so it is possible your repair will not require another on site visit as we might be able to fix the problem remotely.

So Dont wait to get your computer Tuned & Check over give us a call today on 0481 542 802 and get a full computer Tune-UP and Hardware Diagnostic today

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