Hardware Repairs

A lot of people are very confused when it comes to the hardware side of a PC,Mac or Laptop. Only a few people may have seen what lies underneath.

Fortunately most computers a well made nowadays and hardware can sometimes last the lifetime of the machine but when it dosn’t that is were Voltage Computer Support Step in with our expertise in computer hardware and electronics we can make any repair required to any machine.

What happens when it is broken?

When we find a part that needs replacing we will ask your
Consent before doing so as there is obviously additional costs for parts.

Some people dont understand the some of the hardware that is inside all devices so it comes to your hard drive or motherboard we can explain to you exactly what they do and how they work in plain English. this includes when there is a problem with your hardware, We will explain your issue, What part is causing it & the way it needs to be fixed.

  • Is your motherboard not working as it should or broken? well we can replace it.
  • Is your power supply faulty or not giving the hardware the power it requires? We can check your power supply and if needed replace it.
  • Is faulty or dead RAM slowing things down or causing problems? Well we can upgrade or replace it.
  • Is your computer/laptop screen broken? We can repair or replace those aswell.
  • Is your Hard Drive Failing? well we can recover the data and replace it, without needing to reinstall windows etc.

Our service starts with a diagnosis and if we cannot diagnose the problem on-site we can provide a quote for troubleshooting and to determine the exact cause of the problem and supply you with a quote to repair the issue.

Voltage Computer Support has a wide range of replacement parts, so it is likely we can fix your computer on-site. Sometimes we might need to order the replacement part, and if required we will take the computer to our lab for repair. but usually in most cases we will be able to fix your computer or laptop the same day.


  • Hardware & Software repairs

    Software & Drivers

    We will install all drivers associated with what we replaced. Finally, After we have installed everything we will do a thorough test to ensure everything is in working order. We won’t leave until your whole system is operating like new.


  • Hardware Service

    Same Day Service

    We make every effort to come out to you on the day of your call to fix your computer in one visit on-site. unfortunately if we have experienced a lot more call outs we might need to schedual you an appointment on our next available opening.

How to Maintain Your Computer

Maintenance on computer hardware can be quite difficult, but the best thing you can do is remember the worst enemies for your computer are heat, moisture, dust and dirt.
Making sure your computer us clean on a regualar basis will help it run more smoothly, this includes wiping it over with a soft cloth on all vents and even using a can of compressed air helps immensely

Have any questions or require assistance please feel free to call us today

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