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Voltage Computer Support can help you with all your Data Recovery but keep in mind that it can be a lengthy and costly service. we strive to tell people to make sure there data is always backed up cause at some stage your hard drive will fail. and we know your data is more important than the machine that is running it.





If  you think you may have lost something or your hard drive is failing then the first thing you should do is turn off your computer or laptop and call us for professional advice.
The more you use your hard drive after you have noticed lost data/files, the less the chance of recovering any data.

We do recommend you get an external hard drive to backup your data or use a decent file uploading site such as Typical File Host so that you can backup your most important files. We strongly encourage to use one of these methods to avoid potential data loss in the future.

Fortunately We are linked with Typical File Host which means that if you have an account with them we can upload your file directly to your account if you have one with them.

Standard Data Recovery

If your hard drive or storage can still be read in another computer/device, then we can quickly an easily transfer your data over to another computer or device but dont try this yourself using an incorrect method may make the hard drive fail completely.

If we determine that it is your computer that has failed, but the fault is not related to the hard disk itself. we can easily transfer your hard drive into another computer or make it a portable hard drive.

If you have accidently deleted a file by mistake and you cannot retrieve the file back we recommend not using the computer and contacting us ASAP as we can use software tools to recover the data for you.

The same applies to external hard drives that may cannot be read. Commonly, the problem could lie with the external case and not the internal hard drive that stores the data. If this has happened to your external drive, we can open it up and see if the data can be read and recovered.

If not, then you may have a physical fault within your drive that requires special advanced data recovery work to be performed.

Advanced Data Recovery

This kind work requires us to dismantle the hard drive to try to fix the internal faults or swap out the disks to a functioning hard drive, Which requires the use of special equipment within a dust proof/free environment, this is a very lengthy and costly process as one peice of dust or a finger printer on the disks may result in complete data loss so we might need to take the hard drive for a few weeks to ensure we can recover the data under the conditions possible.

Here is a replica of our dust proof/free environment we use to do the work on all hard drives.



if we dont feel comfortable with the repair of that hard drive for many reasons we can send the hard drive to one of our partnerd data recovery centers who have the best data recovery return rates within Australia to offer our customers the best chance of recovering data when standard recovery options do not work. Common faults that require advanced data recovery include:

drives are not able to be detected
drives make a ticking or clicking sound
burn smell coming from the drive or device drives
the sound of parts grinding together
driver freeze’s when accessing data & data appears corrupted when opening it

For more information on data recovery or if you have any questions please feel free to call us on 0481 542 802

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